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In 1949, a small group of birdwatchers got together and decided that the Belleville area needed a
naturalists’ club. Unlike today, there were very few nature clubs in Ontario, and those that did exist
were all located in major cities of the province. The keen interest of the few members remained and the
newly-formed “Brown Thrasher Club” made it through those early years to become the group that it is
today. The name of the club was eventually changed to the present Quinte Field Naturalists (QFN).


There have been several subtle changes to the group over the years. The QFN became a non-profit
organization and further was incorporated in 1990. The club is also now affiliated with Ontario Nature, a
non-profit organization based in Toronto that promotes the preservation and conservation of wild
species and spaces in Ontario.


The QFN has become a strong advocate in its own right for the natural world and works closely with
local governments and NGOs in the region.


Today the group is made up of naturalists from across South Hastings (and the Quinte Region)
interested in a wide variety of natural history subjects, including all forms of wildlife and insects to
plants and even astronomy. Anyone with a love of (or, an interest in) nature and wildlife is encouraged to join:

expertise is welcome but certainly not required.

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