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QFN Alcohol Container Drive


Cans, cans wherever they may be. We are gathering them up for the Nature Conservancy of Canada!


The Quinte Field Naturalists are collecting alcohol containers in order to cash them in for the deposit.

We accept aluminum cans – beer, alcohol and even pop cans. We also accept wine and liquour bottles, both glass and plastic. We can even cash in the cardboard alcohol containers and plastic wine bladders.

(Please Note – we do not accept other aluminum/steel containers --- they should go in your municipal recycling blue boxes)

In 2022 we raised $1,525.00 and in 2023 we raised $3,625. All of these monies were donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help purchase and protect natural areas in this region.

Our goal for 2024 is $3,500.00

Our collection deadline is the end of November so the monies can be donated on Giving Tuesday, thereby effectively doubling the donation.

If you would like to contribute contact John Lowry at 613-962-5232 or email him at

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