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QFN Plant Sale and Tree Planting Initiative.

There are lots of reasons why trees are important to wildlife and people.  With habitat disappearing at an alarming rate, climate change looming, and mental health challenges in citizens skyrocketing, QFN has taken on the goal of planting more trees in our communities.  To this end, we hope to raise money for tree planting through a Spring plant sale at St Joseph’s Catholic Church @ the corner of Victoria and Herchimer Ave., Saturday May 18, 8 am – noon.  A big shout out to Father Rod and the congregation of St. Joe’s for offering to host our sale!

100% of funds raised will go to Tree planting in our local area!

This is an event everyone can help with one way or another. You can donate something to sell and even help advertise the event!  And certainly I hope you will come to the sale and bring your friends for some great bargains!   

Donations, donations, donations!  We are relying on QFN members and the greater community for donations to our sale.  Maybe you have a grow light and can start some seeds? Will you have too many bulbs to plant, too many houseplants?  Spring is a great time to split perennials and thin out the gardens too.  

We just ask that if you are digging plants from your garden, please make sure they are clean (not mixed with goutweed or periwinkle and the like), no one wants to buy a peony and be surprised with a goutweed invasion!  Oh and please don’t forget to label each plant you donate!  We’ll even take some small garden tools and garden ornaments that are in good saleable condition.

Plants can be dropped off May 13 – 17, at the following locations:
  • 71 West St, Belleville  
  • 32 Bradgate Rd, Belleville
  • 164 Queen St, Belleville

Nature thanks you!

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